Are you ready for more visitors?

Upgrade your park to ultimate social play arena and turn occasional customers into frequent visitors.

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Connect all play areas
in one engaging game


Score points for every jump


Challenge your friends and reach tags

Ninja course

Move fast become Hero of the Day

Give every visitor a reason to come back more often

Deliver amazing experience to you customers
and keep connection after the visit.

More Features

Digital attraction that kids love


Choose a hero,
start the fun

Interactive kiosk and wristband
to start the game


Jump, run,
score points

Individual games and leaderboard
for up to 20 players at the same time


Collect reward,
come back again

Meaningful rewards and remarketing
to increase revisits

Book a demo

Attract more revisits

83% want to play again
60% players want to stay longer
42% comes back to park within a month

Kids and park managers
love us

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Give an extra fun to every attraction in the center

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