Gamification – The All-in-One Solution for Keeping Visitors in The Indoor Playground

February 12, 2021
Gamification – The All-in-One  Solution for Keeping Visitors in The Indoor Playground

Gamification is the use of gaming mechanics to engage people in digital experience. From an indoor playground point of view, gamification can contribute to adding fun, entertainment, and interactive session for your customers.

Gamification is simply the “process of adding games or game-like elements to some tasks to encourage participation.”

After coupling this utility with the indoor playgrounds, it unlocks a whole new level of fun - not just for the young kids but for the adults too. Currently being one of the most successful family entertainment avenues, gamification turns anything that’s not a game into a game.

Gamification vs. indoor playgrounds?

Gamification introduces new activities, incentivizes customers to return. It develops various things among the visitors, like the sense of competition among the customers to beat a personal best score.

Why is gamification here to stay?

The conventional indoor playground business lacks the following utilities:

  1. There is no wide mix of fun and sports, as the playground installation is the only source of fun invested in, leaving a whole market of outgoing, adventurous people without any opportunity to satisfy their fun buds.
  2. Given the limitations of indoor playgrounds, they are not super-innovative indoor activity zones.
  3. Indoor playground parks are interesting only until kids get bored of attractions, they haven’t additional incentives, which is why it is hard to build customer loyalty.
  4. The more a customer ages, the indoor playground becomes less relevant and memorable as they lose their specialty by being monotonous and unidirectional. Visiting indoor playground remains a stagnant interest among large groups of old age.
Setting up gaming units in indoor playground?

The indoor playground alone might get boring for the visitors at some point in time as there is not much to innovate out of it.

Increase in The Trends of Gaming

Kids prefer to play online games rather than taking an outdoor experience. They sit at home in front of laptops and televisions and engage in games, leading to obesity and loss of social skills. However, it is an opportunity to bring such children out of their houses and engage in more physical activity and social interaction without changing their gaming preferences.


In a rapidly changing world of ideas and technologies, businesses need to adapt to the patterns. Sticking to one conventional model will soon get the business out of the market, and new entrants will find it easy to replace the business with their modern technologies, so even a business model like the indoor playground will be required to adopt new facilities and expand.


Aleksandra Pałczyńska
Customer Success Manager

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