How to Refit Your Trampoline or Active Entertainment Park for Maximum Fun and Profit

February 12, 2021
How to Refit Your Trampoline or Active Entertainment Park for Maximum Fun and Profit

Whether you're looking to increase foot traffic at your trampoline park or want to add some new elements to your already-popular active entertainment facility, making some updates and additions can help take your business to the next level. Keep reading to learn how you can refit your space for maximum fun and profit!

1. Add some engaging elements

It is most important to engage your visitors right from the entrance. Keep kids busy and entertained when waiting for parents to fix tickets and signups. Sports, digital screen are always a popular draw, so consider adding some sports-themed or fun elements to your space. For example, you could set up a small putting green near your entrance or place an interactive setup that lets visitors experience playing in game on the park. By adding some interactive elements to your space, you'll not only make it more fun and inviting, but you'll also be able to attract new visitors who might not have otherwise considered coming to your park. What is most important, you keep kids entertained while parents are waiting in line or are busy at the reception.

2. Incorporate Technology

Technology is always changing and evolving, so it's important to stay on top of the latest trends. Adding some high-tech elements to your park can help do just that! For example, you could add a few video games, or set up a photobooth thatprints out GIFs for visitors to share on social media. Kids are native in the digital world. Thay are looking for the experiences they know from the digital games. With high quality digital attractions and gamification, you can create they super engaging environment that kids know from the digital world.  By incorporating technology into your park, you'll not only make it more enjoyable, social, and rewarding for kids, but you'll also be able to stay ahead of the competition.

3. Create Unique Experiences

These days, people are always looking for unique experiences they can't find anywhere else. So why not give them what they want? There are lots of ways that parks create unique experiences, special themed events, zip lining or rock climbing! All of those are great but think of something that can create memories and fun from the entrance to the park to the see you soon at the reception. Parents and kids will not remember that well one wall climb, but surely will remember the excitement pushing their limits and being rewarded. Do not forget of something that can keep the connection with your customer after the visit.  By offering unique experiences, you'll not only stand out from other parks in the area, but you'll also be able to attract much more revisits and new visitors who are looking for something different.

4. Costs

The park refit can be a demanding job, both financially, operationally and require a lot of man hours. You already have a great park; you have invested in attractions and try to think how to upgrade existing solutions. How to level up the excitement. You know how kids behave in the park, what they like most, where they are playing less. Thay to upgrade, not exchange existing areas or attractions, before changing them completely. It will save you time, money and will prevent from loosing revenues.


Making some updates and additions to your trampoline or active entertainment park is a great way to increase foot traffic and profit. By adding sports elements, incorporating technology, and creating unique experiences, you'll be able attract new visitors and keep them coming back for more!


Aleksandra Pałczyńska
Customer Success Manager

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