How to Increase Revisit Rates in Your Indoor Playground?

February 12, 2021
How to Increase Revisit Rates in Your Indoor Playground?

The virus crisis provides the perfect opportunity to preparation your Indoor Playground for better comeback. When getting into the indoor playground business, a few simple tweaks can put your new investment in a secure and profitable position by increasing footfall, convincing the people to revisit your playground:

1. Introduce Custom Merchandise

From having a range of custom key chains to clothes and console gaming, indoor playgrounds can act as a retail shop, having merchandise at disposal on the spot for sale.

2. Follow The Membership Model for Indoor Open Play

It will make the indoor playground facility exclusive and make the business most seasonal throughout the year. This tweak allows uniform collection of revenue as members pay monthly membership fees, resulting in revenue collection in big numbers.

3. Make Your Indoor Playground Available for Events

This makes the indoor playground facility become the go-to destination for toddlers and kids. You can help your customers organize events, birthdays, celebrations, etc.

4. Look for new opportunities to build customer loyalty

A typical loyalty card is not enough for increase revisit rates in Indoor Playground. If you want to build customer loyalty you should look for a system, who will increase attractiveness of fun. Park equipment can get bored faster, than a system that engages clients to perform challenges.

5. Take Care of Hunger and Thirst Demands

An indoor playground facility is visited more often, which has taken care of food and beverages. Successful restaurants with indoor playground facilities are generating hefty profits as they are diversified, taking care of recreational and food needs.

6. Fuse Day Care facilities

What could be better than an indoor playground facility which takes the responsibility of taking care of the children and indulges the infants in play while acting as a babysitter? A unique selling point is also the introduction of a gym and educational classes.

7. Gaming world is a benchmark for Indoor Playgrounds

We should accept that, not fight with it. So, if online gaming solutions work, why you don’t try to use proven methods in reality? For example, gamification system is use of online gaming mechanics to engage people in real world, and that’s works. Indoor playgrounds that have gamification systems increase the length of their clients visits to 65% and increase customers returns to 37% on quarter! The gaming system is your friend, not your enemy.

8. Investing in Marketing

Marketing expenditure is usually termed as a cost but is truly an investment which spreads the word of mouth of your business.

9. Health and Safety Regulations

Ensuring the safety of their child is the main concern for parents. The indoor playground is a combination of thrills and chills. All the fun activities must ensure safety. CCTV cameras must be installed, so any unforeseen incident is immediately reported.


Above mentioned solutions would work for an indoor playground to retain its customers. A happy and satisfied member will not only come back but also encourage others to visit the playground.


Aleksandra Pałczyńska
Customer Success Manager

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